Inspired by the countryside surrounding her home in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, Kate uses colour as a visual language through her jewellery. Her initial designs and sketches tell a story; she loves to doodle and draw until an idea comes to her. Colour plays an important part in her work, and she is highly influenced by 20th century abstract sculpture and textiles.

“I try to run an ethical workshop,” says Kate. “Recycled silver and gold, off-cuts of titanium are used in the work, and I am starting to source my other metals from recycled sources. My electricity is from a green tarriff using entirely renewable sources.

“My inspiration comes from walking and absorbing the landscape, and my constant doodling of the world around me. The metals I use and love give me a colour palette of rich, warm tones. I can blend them to give subtle, stylish effects, or contrast them to make vibrant stand-out pieces."

Kate Rhodes 


Bold and dynamic, the ‘Geometrics’ collection uses contrasting colours and shapes to create a work of art. Kate is inspired by Lucienne Day’s ‘Festival of Britain’ textile designs, as well as Miro and Barbara Hepworth - sculpture and colour sit perfectly together in this collection. This jewellery is for the wearer to ‘stand out’ and to feel confident, stylish and vibrant in her environment.

Birds and Flowers

Inspired by nature, Kate is a keen gardener and walker, and this is probably the most personal of all the collections. It focuses on the everyday passing of time, seasons and observations. The work is connected to the landscape and nature that features in the artist’s day-to-day life.

Circles and Pebbles

This collection has an earthy feel to it, using the element of water. The materials are either hand-made or naturally sourced, bringing together found objects, rocks, and neutral shapes from the sea, lakes and rivers. Returning to nature, seeking the outdoors and creating a space for calm, peace and quiet.